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so, I think rustic chair design is a rustic as it gets.   The Arbor chair by Peter Jakubik  When you look at Peter’s site, it becomes obvious that his designs are much more modern than rustic.   So with this in mind, it’s a very modern take on a rustic theme.


His chair design is not the typical rustic style that would be associated with a country or western designs, but it is interesting none the less.



you can see photos of a rustic chair at his website.



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What is Rustic Funiture?

What is Rustic Funiture?  Is it the aesthetic, or the origin of the peice that makes it rustic?   Many of the designs and styles come from a time when materials and decors were less refined.   If a pinneer from in the western United States needed a table for his family, he’d build one our the the materials at hand.  

The origins of rustic furniture stylings also originated from times of depression.   Artists and Craftspeople would put their own personal style into a their work, thus making many of the piece unique.


What about today?  Funiture built with a rustic style has a large following.   Many companies and individuals are involved in creating unique and authentic kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room funiture.   There is a high level of artistry that accompanies many of the lighting fixtures, picture frames, clocks and etc.



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