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Sustainable Design

rus·tic /ˈrəstik/:

Made in a plain and simple fashion, having a naturalness and charm that is typical of simple living.

Sustainable Design

At we believe our products should not only be functional, durable and timeless but they should also demonstrate sustainable design properties.

We strive to reduce consumption of non-renewable resources, reducing environmental waste. Our goal is to create healthy, productive environments for our customers.

Organic Materials

Many of our products are sourced from raw local lumber or underutilized reclaimed wood and are restored to create timeless pieces. We provide products that have low volatile compounds, leading to less pollutants and toxins in your home.

Our organic materials have a history and story that are reincarnated and passed on through our products to become a part of a new story. We hope our products will become part of your family's stories to be passed on to future generations.

Locally Made

As passionate as we are about the materials our products are made of, we are just as passionate about the people who make them. We have partnered with local and regional craftman to support niche furniture vendors by creating exposure to their products.

Just as our products have a story, so too do our partners, each one with their own history. The lines in these artisans hands are a reflection of the grain in the wood they use. Their character and craftmanship are passed down through the products they create.

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